About Us

Data Driven, Proven Technology

Y&J is supported by a team of Real Estate and Financial Professionals who acquired their skills through hands on experience and practice. Y&J uses the latest in computer hardware and software technology to streamline our decision making and financial reporting processes.

Our History

Y&J Properties LLC

is not your traditional urban housing development company. The partnership between Manisha Baheti, Joe Eren-berger, Levi Ritchie and Tom Piehl officially began in 2011 when the team started planning the historic rehabilitation of the iconic Peterson Paper Building in Downtown Davenport.


A Strong Foundation

But the foundations of Y&J Properties go back even further. Mrs. Baheti, whose husband Manoj, owns and operates Yash Technologies in East Moline, Illinois, met Mr. Erenberger back in 2007, when they were neighbors on Campbell’s Island in Hampton, Illinois.Mr. Erenberger had operated the Downtown Central Perk coffee house, as well as a used record and antique store, inside the historic Bayer Building since 1999, long before such amenities and downtown living became the norm in Davenport.


A Great Start

Mr. Erenberger cut his teeth on rehabbing the Bayer building, complete with its five-story central atrium and massive skylight, when he purchased it and incrementally improved the apartments, commercial space and facade over the next several years.  That project gave him a taste of what was possible with the historical building stock that here-to-fore had gone largely undeveloped in downtown Davenport.